Student Loans for Domestic Students

Being a student, we understand that financing your course can be stressful and difficult. That’s why the Australian Institute of Commerce and Technology is proud to be partnered with Study Loans Australia Pty Ltd, Australia’s first dedicated private student loan provider. Study Loans offers a loan scheme that has simple and easy to understand terms, as well as a flexible pay-as-you-go payment structure.

Who is eligible?

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a mobile number and email address
  • Employed in a full time/part time/casual job
  • Earning $20,000 per annum

Loan Term:

When deciding on the length of your loan, there are four options to choose from: 12 month, 24 month, 36 month and 48 months.

Loan Amount:

Study Loans is very flexible, where you have the option to borrow all or part of your course cost. The borrowing range is a minimum of $2,001 up to $15,000.

Repaying your loan:

  • Repaying your loan is as easy as setting up a monthly direct debit.
  • Monthly reminder given to you before the withdrawal of funds.
  • Repayments are structured so that you begin repaying small amounts in the first months and then this gradually increases along with your course.

Extra Fees:

The interest rates and fees have been set up to ensure full transparency for the students – where there are no hidden costs. We want to make sure students are informed from the start where there are no surprises along the way.

  • $200 Establishment fee (one-off payment included in loan cost)
  • $25 per tranche drawdown fee (our eligible courses have only 3-5 tranches depending on the course)
  • $2.50 monthly direct debit fee


For more information, please feel free to contact our friendly team at where we are happy to assist.
More information can also be found on the study loans website here as well as their loan calculator tool.

If you would like to see an example of the monthly payment breakdown, please see our brochure for the ICT40415 Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking course here.