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You will need to fill out a simple application for the course that you are looking at studying.

You will also need to include copies of all academic qualifications including school reports or transcript for highest completed year.

Include any relevant details to assist AICT in assessing your application e.g. Resume, Education Institution Results, identification.

For entry level courses providing proof of completion of year 11 is a minimum standard. Other courses require industry experience and in some cases an entry level exam must be completed.

Course applications close a week before the scheduled course commencement date.

To avoid missing out on a course it is recommended to enrol at least a month before the scheduled commencement date. Enrolments close one week prior to the course start date.

Industry certifications refer to professional vendor certificates, such as Microsoft or Cisco.  Many employers seek candidates that have vendor certifications, as they act as a third-party endorsement of an individual’s professional knowledge and experience. The more qualifications you have, the more bargaining power you hold.  This is way we jam-pack industry certifications such as Microsoft and Comp TIA A+ as part of our training.   Unlike a University Degree, industry certificates move beyond theoretical learning and focus on practical skills and requirements.  If you look at any job role advertised in the fields of IT or Business, you will see a high demand for candidates with industry certifications, which is why we incorporate these qualifications into our training.

With our industry connections, we are able to speak with the partnered IT and Business managers and ask the skill sets that are in demand within their companies.  We then integrate the skills set into the classroom environment, which means students gain in-demand industry qualifications (Such as Microsoft certifications) as part of their training.

Tuition fees vary according to your course of study. The most effective way to get accurate tuition fee details is to call 08 9382 9000 or submit an enquiry on the contact us page. One of our AICT representatives will get in contact with you shortly to discuss the details and determine which option may be best for you.

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