Is Certification the New University?

The question of further education is an important one.

Many students are generally pushed into going to University, as they are told it’s the best chance to gain employment.While that may have been the case 30 years ago, today’s landscape is vastly different.

According to a study taken in 2014 by Graduate Careers Australia, graduate employment rates are the worst they have been in 20 years. With every student flocking to universities, it has resulted in an overabundance of tertiary educated people who are unable to gain employment.

A university degree will take 3 years to complete, and approximately $40,000+ if you’re a local student! Forget it if you are an international student! Whilst the old paradigm held that a degrees are generally worth more than alternate tertiary study paths, if you are unable to gain employment thereafter, which defeats the purpose of going to university at all.

Why is it that so many graduates are not successful in their hunt for a job? Across many industries, the answer is the same: graduates come out with theoretical knowledge, but lack the practical skillsets to apply it. Students who graduate from university often find themselves having to “backtrack” to a Cert IV course to bridge their skills gaps, or gain the practical skills employers feel they lack.

Australian Institute of Commerce and Technology has a variety of Certifications and Diplomas you can undertake, which give you practical, applicable and hands on training, as well as a guaranteed internship upon completion of the course.The Certificate IV IT Networking, for example, runs for 22 weeks, and costs significantly less than a 3 year degree at a University. In fact this course is even government subsidised to eligible students currently! Employment rates for AICT graduates currently sit at 85%, which is a testament to the trainers and the quality of our subject matter.

So compared to university, AICT’s Certification courses provides their students with a higher chance of employment in a shorter time frame and with less monetary investment on your part.

The attitudes of employers are changing when choosing between candidates from university and candidates who have gained certifications and have practical knowledge.

So choose the path of further education wisely, do in-depth research on what you want for your future and how to best get there. A university education is not the only way, there are many other pathways that can prove more effective.

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